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"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."

​                  ~~Anatole France~~  

As your  Hypnosis Coach,  Janice will encourage you toward your personal truth, guide you through the what, why, and how of change, and then support you in your efforts to manifest your heart's desires
 ~~ whatever they may be; for example, you may desire to transform and/or enhance your life in the 
following areas:

Hypnosis Coaching is tailored to the individual needs and goals of each client.  Sessions are based on a 
continual process of assessment, goal setting, action steps and back to assessment. You can choose to 
work individually or as part of a group.​  

Now! is the time to reach your fullest potential through Hypnosis Coaching.  If you have any questions, 
please  call or contact Janice.   See Terms and Conditions.
*Weight Loss

* Smoking Cessation

* Situational Stress

* Self-Empowerment

* Self-Confidence

* Self-Esteem 

* Motivation

* Dream Recall

* Personal Charisma

* Sleeping Concerns

* Test-Taking 

* Athletic/Sports Performance Enhancement

* Learning/Memory Improvement

* Hypnotism for Creativity: Art, Music, Writing

* Performance Enhancement for Performing Artists 

*  Past Life Journeying ​

*  Professional Development

*  Anti-aging, Youthfulness and Beauty

Hypnosis Coaching engages both the conscious and subconscious mind in order to affect positive change, supporting your efforts to lead a fulfilling and balanced life ~ personally, professionally, and spiritually.

The conscious mind is engaged via professional coaching, guidance, support, and education, and the subconscious mind is engaged via Hypnotism, NLP techniques, and other transformational modalities, such as Reiki and Active Dreaming and Intuitive Consultation.