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As your HypnoDream Coach™, Janice will educate, guide, and encourage you to understand and experience your dreams in ways you never thought possible. 

Your dreams and their meanings will become more available to your conscious awareness and understanding. You will learn to apply the power and wisdom of your dreams to your everyday life to increase productivity, creativity, self-empowerment, personal succeess and well-being. 

"Follow your dreams" takes on a new meaning when you realize that dreams are not about sleeping; they are all about waking up!

For detailed information on Active Dreamingservices offered by The Inner Workshop, LLC, for adults, please visit:  

Dreams On The Go is a website dedicated to personalized ~~ client-centered~~ dream guidance/interpretation and dream education. 

Dreams on the Go offers exciting, wide-variety of dream services, including advanced dream exploration and workshops for adults.  

"The Three "Only" Things: tapping the power of dreams, coincidence & imagination."

~~Robert Moss, Author~~

As a Pediatric HypnoDream Coach™, Janice engages children and young adults to become Active Dreamers!  

Active Dreamers* speak the language of the dreamscape, harvest the power and wisdom of their dream messages, and actively propel their dream messages into their everyday lives for successful living. They are master’s
 at conscious living, living in the best of both worlds: their outer, everyday world and their inner-world, where intuition and creativity is inspired.  

People like, Stephenie Meyer, who used a dream as inspiration for the incredibly popular teen book and movie series, Twilight; Jeff Taylor, who dreamed up; and James Cameron, who dreamed the Terminator, have literally followed their dreams to success.  

Wouldn't it be wonderful to give the gift of Active Dreaming to your children, so that they may learn at an early age how to harness their inner-creativity for everyday success?  

Active dreaming can be taught on an individual basis, to encourage your child's individual creativity in:
                ART, MUSIC, THEATREWRITING. 

    "We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open."
  *  Robert Moss is the Author of Active Dreaming 
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Parents can learn along with their children, too, as their children learn how to understand and apply the meaning of their dreams for everyday success in school, at home, and at play!  

Please see Workshops for detailed information on creative and fun workshops on Active Dreaming for children!  

If you have any questions please call or contact Janice. See Terms and Conditions.
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